Enhanced patients' triage to minimize ER waiting time

The Covid-19 pandemic only made more pressing a trend that required action: Overcrowded ERs are a reality to most european hospitals leading to an increase in patients waiting time.
Based on waiting time metrics, the NHS has 5 time worst efficiency compering to 2010 while just 1 a one hour increase in wait time leads to an approximately 30% increase in costs of care. Exploiting machine learning on real-world data, we designed EMMA, a Clinical Decision Support System that assists ER personnel more effectively triage incoming patients. To this end, EMMA minimizes patients waiting time having positive impact on healthcare services and alleviates the respective economic burden.

The Solution

Autonomus prioritization

Continuous monitoring and patients triage offering a decision support mechanism that make doctors to feel safe and avoid multitasking. EMMA allows doctors to work with peace of mind. 

     Notification System

Notify healthcare personnel when health deterioration occurs and where patients are located. EMMA allows doctors to act fast & effectively.

 Probabilistic Framework

Predictions on a) hospitalization need, b) length stay and c) admission to the ICU and localization analysis. EMMA offers optimized hospital resources management.

Medical wearables

Exploiting digital signal processing techniques on optical biosignals, EMMA wearables are able to continious extract heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature and respiration rate. Equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities allow us to provide indoor localazation precisely. Multicolor straps for patients identification, lightweight (20g) and at least 8 hours of battery life.

Intelligence at the edge

EMMA creates a probabilistic framework to inform physicians on the prediction estimates (in the form of probabilities) of a patient to need hospitalization and to be admitted in the ICU, creating a critical stratification of patients, a support algorithm that, simply put, saves lives. In addition, the calculated estimation of the potential duration of hospitalization allows for more efficient hospital resource management.

Data visualization

EMMA mobile and web applications are based to Vida24 medical suite, designed and developed by Vidavo, which is certified with CE class II.a as a medical device and GDPR compliant. EMMA mobile application is used by the Healthcare personel in order to register, automatically assign priorities and monitor patients. EMMA web application offers insights and statistics about patients medical data and analytics regarding patients' waiting time, hospitalizations and ICU admissions.


Alexis Fourlis

EMMA’s CEO is Alexis Fourlis, an Electrical Engineer with 8 years’ experience in designing and building IoT devices and managing projects in terms of hardware and firmware development, resources and budget. He is a researcher scholar at Santa Clara University, CA in Silicon Valley, where EMMA’s machine learning perspective was enriched. 


Antonis Billis, PhD

EMMA’s CSO is Dr. Antonis Billis, an Electrical Engineer, holds a PhD in Medical Informatics and AI-driven clinical decisions support systems and digital biomarkers. He has great experience as scientific coordinator of multiple EU funded research projects related to digital health, including development of AI services in smart hospitals and quality of life support of cancer survivors using AI and Big Data.


Board of Advisors

Markella Psymarnou

Markella Psymarnou, CEO of Vidavo, is the Marketing advisor and help us to create and extend EMMA’S brand awareness. She has long term professional experience in the commercialization of research results, feasibility studies & business modelling for innovative health products, focusing on user acceptance and satisfaction.


Pantelis Angelidis

Dr. Pantelis Angelidis, founder of Vidavo, acts as the Business Development Advisor of EMMA having a solid academic and business background and expertise, he is providing support on the scientific approach and he is taking care of regulatory issues, while exploiting his network in the Healthcare industry to create new pilot sites and potential customers. 


Panagiotis Bamidis

Professor Panagiotis D. Bamidis, Head at Lab of Medical Physics, School of Medicine, AUTH is the Scientific Advisor of EMMA responsible for tracing the innovation strategy of EMMA and validating medical concepts of EMMA. Has significant experience in transferring research outcomes to marketable products as a spin-off start-up founder.


Achievements so far

The prototype developments of EMMA succeeded to receive so far 635.000€ in research grants and Vidavo S.A. invested another 250K€. EMMA is currently tested in two EDs (including Covid-19 department) and one clinic in University Hospitals in Thessaloniki, Greece. Results from our first pilot were presented at IEEE Globecom Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan, in December 2020. EMMA is a patent-pending technology submitted in April 2021 in European Patent Office. Additionally, EMMA was selected from Health Founders accelerator in Tallin, Estonia for a 9-month mentoring program focusing on sales and business development. Recently, our technology was selected from Santa Clara University, CA for a 5-month mentorship program aiming to enhance the AI perspective of EMMA. Finally, EMMA is part of EIT Health Innostars Awards 2022 program, proving the business potential and acknowledgement on the Healthcare industry.

Contact us

We actively looking for investors to deploy EMMA full commercially! Drop an email on info@emmatriage.com

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